Cost efficient

When printing designs on garments in large quantities, screen-printing is the most economical selection. The pricing continues to get cheaper based on the amount of garments ordered. Only one colour per screen can be used - so depending on the number of colours in your design, you’ll need multiple screens which is something to consider when determining the correct decoration method to use.

Print Styles

We use a special hybrid style of printing, applying a discharge under base with our special soft inks on top. The outcome is a beautiful, bright, super-soft print, which only get softer after you wash the shirt. Additionally high-end effects and embellishments can be used to further customize your screen-printed apparel. The specialty inks are eye caching and create some of the most sophisticated finishes.


The best quality print is screen-printing in other words if you want a print that lasts screen-printing should be your top choice. It provides a high quality finish for custom clothing as well washable, and durable results. Screen-printing lasts as long as the garment does no matter how many washes.